Thursday, March 21, 2013

Color Like A Child

I recently purchased new markers. I went with the "cheaper" type.
Crayola, if you are good for the kiddos, you're good enough for me.

I had bought Tim Holtz's markers, but I wasn't impressed.
They were very pretty, but they made my images bleed.
(It was like when you use yellow on the black lines - You know what I mean?)
Not to mention, they cost a lot of money for a measly five markers.

Now, I am not a coloring expert, so I decided to learn with the cheaper markers.
Then, perhaps, I'll go big. Copics? Hhmm . .  we'll see.

What markers do you use? Or do you prefer another medium for coloring?
I'd LOVE to hear your coloring tool of choice and why.

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  1. Hi Corrinne
    Love your card! That ice-cream is very tempting. I use Letraset Promarkers and Flexmarkers and I am very happy with them. I did not even know Copics existed when I bought all the Promarkers but when Letraset brought out Flexmarkers (the same ink in them like in Promarkers but with flexible brush)I did not hesitate to continue with my collection of markers from Letraset because I was happy with them in the first place and was not looking for anything else as a replacement. Some might argue that Copics are more superior pens but it is only up to an individual to decide and see how you feel about the pens yourself. I would advise you to buy a few pens in close shades from a certain colour group from brands you have got your eye on and then decide which ones to go for.... unless money is no object and you can have them all (LOL).
    Michaela xx

  2. I love all of the layers on your card!

    I'm not very good at coloring, but I have the Stampin' UP markers. I use them more for coloring stamps than images so they work really well for me! I have a few copics but haven't got the hang of using them yet...

  3. Corrinne this is gorgeous! I love the die cuts and the coloring looks great in the pic! I bought Copics but find the bleed through frustrating, so more often than not, I use my Prismacolor pencils that I've had since I was a teen, to color and shade.